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In order from left: His Eminence Archbishop Nathan Hovhannisian; Rev. Dr. Cannon (CMEP); His Holiness Karekin II; The Rt. Rev. Mark D. W. Edington, Bishop Edington in Charge of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe; Rev. Margaret Rose, the Episcopal Church Deputy for Ecumenical and Interfaith Collaboration; His Eminence Archbishop Vicken Aykazian.  

September 2022 CMEP Executive Leaders Delegation to Armenia:

Why Armenia? CMEP's work remains focused on working toward peace and advocating for human rights in the Middle East. Some might think Armenia - located in the south Caucasus - exists outside the Middle East. However, for CMEP, the Armenian Orthodox Apostolic Church has been a part of our membership and community since the creation of our organization nearly 40 years ago. CMEP's advocacy priority of the "sustainability of the Christian community in the Middle East" includes Armenian communities throughout the Middle East such as Beirut, Jerusalem, and the Armenian Christian community that survived the genocide of the early 20th century and remains in Armenia. The Armenian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem exists as one of the four quadrants of the Holy City. Armenian presence in Jerusalem dates back to the 4th century AD.
Read a message about this trip from CMEP's Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon:
A small CMEP delegation traveled with me to Armenia from September 12 to September 19. The day after our arrival attacks began along the Armenian border with Azerbaijan and the Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire was broken. CMEP called for the attacks to end and advocated for the protection of the remaining Armenian community in Nagorno-Karabakh, in addition to the protection of ancient and historical Christian holy sites. Before my travels to Armenia, I did not understand the real significance of the historical holy places. Yes, they are precious Christian artifacts, but their real meaning includes the history of Armenian presence in the area which has been destroyed, ignored, and ethnically cleansed since the genocide of the early 20th century. Today, Armenians see the destruction of their sacred history as a continued attempt at ethnic cleansing and the erasure of their very identity and Christian presence in the region.
CMEP remains committed to standing up against violence and aggression. We will continue to meet with Armenian, US, and other government officials to call for ceasefires when there is physical violence and protecting all people groups, particularly those oppressed. CMEP's work focuses primarily on bringing an end to the occupation of the Palestinian people but also extends to responding to the economic crisis in Lebanon, advocating for human rights in Egypt, calling on the US government not to support the Saudi Coalition and the ongoing war in Yemen, and to use our voices and our power to intervene whenever there are conflicts in the Middle East. Your support of our work makes this work possible. Please donate today to support peace.

The Episcopal News Service wrote the following piece on the delegation's trip: Episcopalians Experience Conflict in Real Time as They Bear Witness to Armenian Christians’ Struggles, Episcopal News Service, September 30, 2022.

Middle East Partnerships:

Kevin Vollrath (R), CMEP's Manager of Middle East Partnerships, was privileged to pray at Wi'am's community barbecue commemorating the annual exultation of the cross in the Latin church on September 15, 2022. Learn more about how we partner with organizations in the Middle East by clicking the button below.


Church Partner Event:

On September 18, 2022, Churches for Middle East Peace’s Outreach Manager, Jennifer Maidrand, gave a talk at Westmoreland Congregational Church, a long-time church partner of CMEP. She spoke about the Bible's role in shaping the land of Palestine and Israel and its contemporary geopolitical implications. Learn more about how your church or group can partner with us by clicking the button below.


Three Online Events this Fall: American Complicity in the Israeli Occupation:

A Series of Educational Events, organized in collaboration with American Friends of Combatants for Peace. Join us on October 3rd, October 18th, and November 2nd for three different webinars focusing on American complicity in the Israeli Occupation. We'll hear from several different experts on topics such as how American religious and political institutions sustain the occupation and how the upcoming US midterm elections will influence the future of Israel, Palestine, and the Occupation.


Virtual Town Hall:

Churches for Middle East Peace and the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles invite all who are interested to attend this virtual town hall on October 8th at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern. This virtual roundtable panel is taking place in preparation for Archbishop Hosam’s visit to Los Angeles. This webinar aims to introduce leaders in the Diocese of Los Angeles to key issues that deter peace and justice in Jerusalem, and Israel/Palestine. The panel includes speakers from Israel, Palestine, and the U.S. who hold expertise related to: contemporary geo-politics in Israel/Palestine, land annexation, the Palestinian Christian community, and U.S. advocacy related to the Middle East and moderated by Churches for Middle East Peace's Senior Director of Advocacy and Government Relations, Kyle Cristofalo.


Upcoming Webinar Series:

A Land Full of God gives American Christians an opportunity to promote peace and justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It shows them how to understand the enmity with brief, digestible, and comprehensive essays about the historical, political, religious, and geographical tensions that have led to many of the dynamics we see today. This mini-course will feature several of the book's contributors in a panel discussion on a different topic each week. We've also invited an additional guest who was not a book contributor to respond to the information shared. We'll end each session with an audience Q & A time. Reading the book is not required for participation.

Fr. Drew Christiansen Holy Land Lecture Series:

Join us in Washington, D.C. on November 16, 2022, for the inaugural event in our Fr. Drew Christiansen Holy Land Lecture Series. This first talk will be on "BEING CHURCH in THE LAND CALLED HOLY" with Mr. Sami El-Yousef, CEO of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. He will speak about the presence, aspirations, challenges, and contributions of the Church and its institutions with a focus on the Catholic church. Through this series, we will gain a deeper understanding of how we can assist our brothers and sisters in their quest for acceptance, equality, justice, and peace. We will explore the spiritual roots and practical application of our Faith through the eyes of those whose experience is rooted in the Land Jesus was born, taught, died, and was resurrected.

Freedom of Movement Trip to the Occupied Palestinian Territories: March 7- March 16th, 2023

CMEP invites you to visit Palestine/ Israel to participate in the annual "Freedom of Movement" marathon (half-marathon, 10k, and 5k available) in Bethlehem on March 10, 2023. This trip will focus on issues related to the UN-sanctioned "right to liberty of movement" and environmental injustice in the occupied Palestinian territories. In addition to the marathon, participants will spend several days hiking in the West Bank with the option of staying with families. The geographical focus of the trip is Bethlehem and the West Bank, including a day in Jerusalem, with an optional 2-day extension in the North of Israel. All persons 18 or older are welcome to register for this trip. Trip activities require an ability to walk/hike for multiple hours at a time. Individuals and local groups are welcome to join this trip. Contact adysen@cmep.org with any questions and trip details.

Press Releases:

September 16, 2022: Press Release: In Memoriam – Gerry Lee
Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) grieves the news of the passing of Gerry Lee and stands alongside our member organization friends at Maryknoll as they respond to the loss of their friend.


Public Statements:

September 13, 2022: Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) Calls for an End to the Attacks on the Armenian Border and an End to Hostilities Between Armenia and Azerbaijan
CMEP calls for an immediate end to the attacks on the Armenian border and the violence centering around the region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

September 1, 2022: Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) Condemns Israeli Raid on Palestinian Civil Society Organizations and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Ramallah
CMEP condemns the August 18th raid on seven Palestinian civil society organizations (CSOs) and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Ramallah, West Bank and urges the United States State Department to join the nine European states which have formally rejected the designation of these organizations as terrorist.

CMEP in the News:

Justice for Shireen, Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon, Do Justice, September 5, 2022. 
Mental Health in Palestine: Collective Trauma and Storytelling Under Occupation, Tala Raheb, Ambassador Warren Clark Fellow at CMEP, Medium, August 15, 2022. 

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