Thank you for joining our four-part mini-course this summer with Rev. Colin Chapman. If you missed any of the sessions or would like to re-watch them, the YouTube links are below. 


If you'd like to purchase Colin's book upon which this mini-course is based, you can do so via the publisher's website by clicking the button above. Use coupon code CMEP through July 2022 for a 50% discount. 

CMEP is proud to co-host this webinar series with Embrace The Middle East


Colin Chapman has worked for 18 years in the Middle East where he taught in seminaries in Cairo, Beirut, and Bethlehem. He is ordained in the Anglican Church, and in the UK has taught in Bristol and Birmingham. His book Whose Promised Land? was written in Beirut during the civil war and was first published in 1983, with the latest revision in 2015. Whose Holy City? Jerusalem and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict was published in 2004


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