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Join us on Thursday, April 8, at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific for online story time with children's book author Wafa Shami as we read her book, Easter in Ramallah, as part of CMEP Journeys: Educate. Elevate. Advocate. Participate., our event series over the first half of 2021 designed to continue to allow you opportunities to work for peace and justice. Your family does not need to have read the book to participate in this event.

Easter in Ramallah is a delightful story about friendship and holiday traditions that have been shared among Palestinian Christian and Muslim families for centuries.

As we celebrate Easter in our homes, it is important to remember that we are not the only ones that prepare for and commemorate the resurrection! Sometimes we may forget that people in other parts of the world are celebrating as well. But they are! You will step away from this story delighted by the peace and friendship that it exhibits between Palestinians of different faiths.

This story reflects the tradition of celebrating the Easter holiday that was carried on for years and takes the reader to a fun, festive place that is filled with a colorful atmosphere, drums playing, love, and laughter from the eyes of a child.


"Easter in Ramallah offers the opportunity for readers to notice what traditions are the same the world over; which ones are slightly different; and which ones are brand new (and perhaps ones which they, too, would like to embrace)."

Shaima Farouki


Why is this event taking place after Easter Sunday, April 4?

Did you know that there are two Easters? We have chosen to hold this event between western Easter and Orthodox Easter as an acknowledgement of the many different resurrection traditions.

What is CMEP Journeys?

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is hard at work developing ways for you to stay involved in advocating and learning about peace in the Middle East. Our six programmatic tracks give you the opportunity to dive deeper into learning about CMEP’s work and relationships, as well as the chance to bring new people into the work of CMEP through introductory events like cooking classes, virtual tours, and more. Registration is required for all events. CMEP is also asking for a suggested donation to participate in these events.

Why is CMEP asking for donations for these events?

Due to Covid-19 all of our in-person programming has been canceled since March 2020 and this will continue to be the norm until at least Fall 2021. As a nonprofit advocacy organization, our advocacy summits and other events are one of the main streams of income we have as an organization. CMEP Journeys is our attempt to offer creative and interesting opportunities to our community. We understand that the cost can be prohibitive for some which is why we are asking for “suggested donations." Please do not let cost be a limiting factor if you are interested in these events!

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