With just 29 days until Israel is set to begin formal annexation of large parts of the West Bank, it is critical we raise our voices against annexation and in support of peace, equality, and human rights for all in Israel/Palestine. Follow the three steps below to join CMEP’s #ChurchesAgainstAnnexation campaign and use social media to take a stand against annexation.

3 Steps to Join!

1) Print out the #ChurchesAgainstAnnexation hashtag here. If you don’t have access to a printer, no problem! You can write the hashtag #ChurchesAgainstAnnexation on a sheet of paper instead. 

2) After you take the picture, upload it to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Please be sure to tag @ChurchesforMEP. It’s also a good idea to tag your members of Congress to ensure they know constituents oppose annexation. Click here to see a list of all Twitter handles for members of Congress. 

Here are some sample posts:  

  1. I stand with @ChurchesforMEP and their #ChurchesAgainstAnnexation campaign. @MY SENATOR, @MY SENATOR, @MY REPRESENTATIVE
  2. Annexation will have a devastating impact on Palestinians. I’m asking @MY SENATOR, @MY SENATOR, @MY REPRESENTATIVE to oppose annexation of the West Bank @ChurchesforMEP #ChurchesAgainstAnnexation.

3) Encourage your family, friends, and church to take a photo and upload it to their social media accounts. During this time of social distancing, we encourage you to be creative as to how you can take these photos together. Consider setting up a Zoom call or Google Hangout for your small group or family where you can all take a photo at the same time.

Again, please be sure to tag @ChurchesforMEP so we can see your post. We hope you will consider adding your voice to this critical campaign in support of equality and freedom for all in Israel/Palestine!


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