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Border Patrol

Violent Clashes Over Temple Mount

A look at the aftermath of the TIPH pull-out in Hebron, Qatar's decision to stop financing electricity in Gaza, and more news in this week's bulletin.

Image: Border Police patrol near Temple Mount (Ahmad Gharabli/AFP).

Wounded protester

Israeli Police Arrest 19 Protesters at Jerusalem Holy Site
The Washington Post

"Police say dozens of Palestinians participated in a prayer protest Tuesday, attempting to breach a section of the [Temple Mount] compound that has been closed by Israeli court order for years. The incident follows a similar scuffle on Monday in which Palestinians tried to break the gate that Israel placed on the closed area last week."

A wounded protestor (Adel Hana/Associated Press).


Launch of Palestinian Civilian Monitor Group Angers Settlers in Hebron
The Times of Israel

"Members of a new civilian monitor group launched by Palestinians in Hebron faced verbal and physical harassment from settlers Sunday as they walked a group of children to school in the flashpoint West Bank city."

Image: Patrollers in Hebron (Majdi Mohammad/AP Photo).


Israel to Withhold $138 Million in Palestinian Funds
The Washington Post

Israel "will withhold over $138 million from the Palestinian Authority for payments given to families of Palestinians who carried out attacks against Israelis. The government's security Cabinet said it is implementing a law passed last year allowing Israel to withhold funds used to pay stipends to Palestinian attackers and their families from taxes Israel collects on the behalf of the PA."

Image: Jerusalem's Old City (Amir Cohen/Reuters)

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Rep. llhan Omar

This Is What the Beginning of a Real Israel Debate Looks Like
New Republic

Representative Ilhan Omar ignited debate on pro-Israel lobbying this week, and while "that story has been developing for years, what happened in Washington this week was something we haven't seen before… Critics of Israel have long understood that speaking too loudly would get them silenced and shunned. But Ilhan Omar is still standing."

Image: Representative Ilhan Omar (Alex Wong/Getty Image).

Gaza light crisis

Qatar will not Finance Gaza's Electricity After April - Report.
The Jerusalem Post 

"According to Palestinian sources, this decision [to not longer finance Gaza's electricity] is due to Qatar's disappointment in the slow progress of infrastructure projects on the ground." This is a blow to those living in the Gaza strip who have heavily benefited from the Qatari-funded electricity.

Image: Woman in Gaza without electricity (Mohammad Salem/Reuters).


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